Tyla's love of fitness and passion for helping her clients are the reasons she opened STUDIOTYLA in 2010. Using her 30 years of experience in the industry, Tyla has created her own style of workouts using different elements of fitness and by keeping up with the latest scientific findings, not fads.

Tyla's holistic approach to health and fitness has benefited and inspired clients of all ages and abilities, from preteens to those in their nineties, from strong athletes to those recovering from illness or injury.

Growing up as a dancer, Tyla transitioned into fitness when she was asked to choreograph dances at a gym. She quickly fell in love with the fitness world and began developing classes and training exercise instructors from Ventura to Los Angeles. Tyla's popularity grew and she eventually expanded this training throughout the nation and world. She even taught a class of 10,000 instructors in a Rugby Union Stadium in Durban, South Africa.

Tyla has been featured in Shape and Fitness magazines. She released two videos, Crunch Fitness “Killer Legs” and Tyla's Mom Jam Pregnancy Workout. She was awarded US and World Aerobic Champion Titles and sponsorships by Reebok, Nike and Crystal Light and invited to perform at the White House after appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


After giving birth to her first child, Jen wanted to get back into shape. She was introduced to Pilates by her friend, who was an instructor, and was amazed to find out how quickly she could get her pre-baby body back. She found herself stronger, more flexible, and with new energy levels.

After practicing Pilates for three years, her new passion for exercise led and propelled her to become an instructor. Once she moved to the Conejo Valley, she immediately enrolled in a comprehensive, classical Pilates training program which included 600+ hours of study, private instruction, workshops, and student teaching. The knowledge Jen has accumulated has jump-started her career at STUDIOTYLA where she continues to stay up on the most exciting and current developments in Pilates.


Geoff's years of experience as a fitness trainer with cardio and resistance, and his extensive training in Pilates and Yoga, give him a broad, long term view of health and fitness. He believes it is NEVER too late to get started improving your fitness and health!

Unlike other health routines, Geoff believes that fitness does not have to be dull. "Engaging in physical movement should be a pleasant release.  Fitness reduces stress and tension of your everyday life," said Geoff.

Have fun and reduce stress adding fitness to your lifestyle with Geoff! Excited to be a part of the team at STUDIOTYLA, Aly will be offering you support as you Turn Your Life Around as well as remind you to Always Love Yourself!


Colton grew up in Newbury Park, CA. From the moment he could walk he was an athlete, competing in every sport imaginable. He gravitated toward baseball as he continued to play it at the Division 1 level (University of San Diego) and all the way up to the professional level with the Minnesota Twins organization. Graduating with a BA in Psychology, Colton has always been fascinated with how and why people interact in our world. He has translated that curiosity into training and connecting with motivated individuals and teams across the country.

He is a battle-tested and motivated leader who simply wants to help others find their truest form of self-expression. He believes the key to a successful life is through a high level of self-awareness and vulnerable communication. The desire to work and share with others is what gets him out of bed every morning and he cannot wait to work with you.