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At STUDIOTYLA, we encourage our clients to live in the moment. We surround them with positive affirmations, encouraging quotes and healthy lifestyle choices. When you are in our studio, it is more than a class; it is a new way of thinking. In essence, our message is simple....Turn Your Life Around!

Unlike most Pilates classes, STUDIOTYLA offers 75-minute sessions each designed to: 

·        Develop strength and endurance

·        Increase muscle mass

·        Improve metabolism to burn body fat

·        Improve balance and coordination

·        Increase flexibility

·        Improve alignment for better posture

·        Restore your body to feel well and function more effectively

Here at STUDIOTYLA we do even more; we include the use of additional fitness tools like hand weights, kettle bells, resistance tubing, straps, MELT foam rollers and cardio equipment to complete your workout and push you even further to reach your maximum fitness goals.