REFORMER – This class is designed to increase strength, mobility, and endurance. The format is ideal for athletes and those coming to Pilates from traditional fitness workouts. Additional fitness tools like hand weights, resistance tubing, straps, balls, MELT foam rollers and cardio equipment are used.

REFORMER RX -  This class is designed to help clients rehab from injuries and deal with special needs. A very therapeutic class.

REFORMER CIRCUIT - This turbocharged workout routine designed with the Pilates reformer and traditional fitness equipment is customized to help you reach your fitness goals faster! The result is a workout that taxes your muscular strength, endurance and your cardiovascular system. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Take the challenge!

FLUX– Flex, Lengthen, Undo, X-out what you’ve done. Restore the body's connective tissue to combat chronic pain, improve performance, and reverse the aging process. Learn this self-treatment technique to do at home.

Note: Regular athletic shoes or spin shoes with SPD clips are preferred on the RealRyder indoor bike. Socks with grippers are strongly suggested but not required.